1. Dear Rosie,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    My name is Sophie and I am a Documentary Assistant Producer for a production company called Curve Media. We make high end documentaries for the BBC, Channel4 and Netflix, amongst others.

    We are currently developing a documentary that will tell the story of an affair. Told in the past tense, this project will look at the huge effect of infidelity on a marriage. It will aim to understand the whole picture, reflecting on what happened and what was learnt. Tonally, the project will be incredibly thoughtful, filmed in a sensitive, serious way – much like the BBC programme, Couples Therapy. The narrative of the documentary will be sown together through sit-down interviews similar to that in Touching the Void.

    I came across your beautifully written blog and I am getting in touch as I was hoping to talk to you over the phone/ on zoom, about your experiences of infidelity. I realise this is a really, really personal subject to share with me but I can guarantee that our initial conversation will be completely off the record. Anything that we discuss, will not be shared without your permission. If you would be willing to talk to me and find out more, is there a time that could work in the next two weeks? I can absolutely work around you, so do let me know.

    My hope is that this project will be a genuinely positive, reflective process for the people who are willing to take part and share their story. I also hope that it might be a help to those going through the initial stages of betrayal.

    Really looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,



    • Hi Sophie

      Lovely to hear from you.

      Of course I would be interested in speaking to you, and thank you for your lovely words about my blog. Strangely I was just about to let it go!!

      The best time for me is after 6pm this week any evening apart from today or Wednesday. I am in Ireland now so you would need to call me on 353892642425 or my landline 353749182081. Rosie is my pseudonym my real name is Moira.
      Look forward to hearing from you
      Many thanks


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