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Wild Roots

For my ancestors, for the earth.


Becoming Unstuck

The Lonely Author

Hoping to inspire the world one word at a time.

Bryan Lunsford

A Site For Short-Stories

Help for Partners of Sex Addicts

If you are the spouse or the partner of someone who’s been trapped in a sex or pornography addiction then you know how isolating and traumatic it can be. If this is something you've experienced, then we are here to offer help and support.


...hard choices bring consequences and even harder choices... free will is the cause and effect of our lives...

roads bel travelled

Exploring open roads without breaking the bank

My Good Time Stories

Inspirational, Motivational, and Heartwarming Stories


≈ fictionalpaper / piccoloscissors / creativeglue ≈

ease within peace

on the pursuit of finding inner peace and changing myself for the better

Hindsight Is Not Always 2020

Married to a sex addict - lost in a world of questions

the magic of stories with mary

It is all about my writings,stories,wise saying and poems

Author Joanne Reed

This is Your Quest - Your Mission to Find Happiness


Thoughts on my struggle to reconcile the husband and father I am and want to be

Journey to life

Ramblings along my journey, from suicidality, to, I hope, life

The Biscuit Factory

Kevin Godier's purges, blasts and blessings

Dylan's Welshie World

How a Welsh terrier named Dylan turned my life upside down!


Explain your site? To you, it’s an interesting look at life in an article you found in a doctor’s office magazine. Me? Same.

Will you hold my hand

married sex addict in recovery

mathias sager

Awareness Intelligence

“Nikki Anthony”

Real life, one day at a time. Name in quotes for a reason...

Julie Krupp

Enhanced Perspective

How I Killed Betty!

The Diary and blog on How to Tackle Depression and Anxiety!

I am Jack’s Broken Heart

My journey through the pain of betrayal in marriage, and what comes after.

A Mad Woman's Love Song

Grow through what you go through!

Forgotten Magic: Lifestyle blog

Muffins, Coffee and this Blog


dating // relationships // connection

Life Through A Lens

Amateur Photography

She Cheated.. I Stayed

I'm too young for this shit..

Stories I've Never Told...

(...and some I have)

Motivation, inspirational articles, quotes and life hacks

Savvy101 - Motivation, inspirational articles, quotes and life hacks

Narcissistic Abuse Awareness

Breaking the Chain of Abuse to Find Healing