Our Story: We’re coming up to Dday numero 1


Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to all who read this blog, and those who have said how much it has helped them. It has made it all worthwhile and I promise I will get the full book out there this year.

This is an introduction to our first Dday anniversary. I felt the need to write this first because I have had a lot of people approach me and ask me how? How did we get to where we are? How long does it take? Will it get better? And so many more questions. I have written about questions in another Post

I cannot give people timeframes, in fact I would say to set a timeframe based on what happened to someone else would be a mistake, because all of the stories are different. You can use their timeframes as a guide perhaps, but more importantly if you are going to do that then please listen to the things that they put into place to get them there. There is no magic cure, you have  do the work!

Before my next set of blogs I thought it was important that I explain that I did not write in my journal over the anniversary of Dday which surprised me, considering what a major turning point it was in our story; there is so much to tell that I have broken down what happened over the two months until I next wrote in my journal.

So the reason for this explanation is because I have gone back in my memories to share what happened to me at that time; and to do that I have to put myself back there and I was shocked at the level of emotion that brought out in me even now, twelve years later! (You see you never forget – just something else that you have to learn to accept!)

I am not going to go down and punch Danny, trust me, I know that the man I am writing about from when the affair happened has long gone, and been replaced by a contrite, loving man.

I just thought I would share that with you so that when that wave of emotion comes over you my sharing may help you understand that it is normal; and give you hope that it is possible that one day when you feel that strong emotion you will be able to feel it and then put it away again without it impacting on your life.

Trust me I know.

Anyway to our story…


Making This Better the book is now available including the journal entries for the first 5 years of our recovery & the whole 21 days of ‘The War’. Available internationally in paperback and ebook  at Amazon and Barnes & Noble also available at Xlibris and Apple Books for iPad and Waterstones Bookstores for click & collect

I would love to hear your feedback.


  1. “and realizing people change.”

    “I am not going to go down and punch Rich, trust me, I know that the man I am writing about from when the affair happened has long gone, and been replaced by a contrite, loving man who does not need to be punched!”

    Besides if you are taking care of your shit who has time for that! smh.

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    • They don’t Jack, not if you allow yourself to move forward. In the end you have so much strength and you’re in control. Remember small steps and every step makes you stronger. Thank you for your words, I always wanted to help people know it can get better. Moisy

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