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The Journey Begins – I never thought I’d do this!


Thanks for joining me!

So I have been writing a book for nearly three years now. But I started a journal to keep me sane many moons ago – eleven years to be precise. Having researched and got to know many people via their blogs who are in the same position that I found myself then – or rather we found ourselves –  I thought I would share my story with you. At the beginning it was ‘My’ story, and then as time moved on it became ‘Our’ story.

When my husband Rich, left me for someone else, and was gone for three weeks I was driven insane. But despite this I never, never, let it beat me. Everyone in this sad story had underestimated me, including me!

When my husband came back I never thought I would do it. I searched for other’s stories at the time and could not find anyone that showed the true madness that I felt, showed me that what I was feeling was ‘normal’ and that I would survive but I couldn’t find any perhaps at that time  they just found it too painful to write about. So I kept a journal, and this journal kept me sane, and kept us together. We live in France now, we are happy, and we are stronger; you can read about our adventures on my other blog

So this is our story – it is my journal entries, I have kept them as I wrote them then and followed them up with reflections of what I think now, with the benefit of eleven years hindsight behind me.

You will see that I’m no chump, and that you can survive the ‘Ocean of Despair’ trust me I did!

I hope it helps someone.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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  1. Ah, very brave. I’m sure this will help others. Looking forward to your perspective, as I know it comes right in the end, but not looking forward to the most painful parts.

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  2. That’s true, and I hope that by sharing our story it will help people understand that if they want to survive they need to listen and understand, let’s hope so. Reading others stories has made me even more sure that we have a lot of help to offer after going through it, and that’s was a contributing factor to sharing my book.


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