My dear cyber friend posted this today, and I thought it would share it because it is beautifully written and ties in with my post. I am 12 years down the line now, but the damage that is done, is sometimes immeasurable.

The Queen Is In

While I feel I’ve turned the corner of this infidelity highway, yesterday I was running errands and I began ruminating again about a chance meeting with the skank. She had been visiting her family for the holidays, but should be retuning any day, if she already hasn’t.  Moisy’s latest post over at Making Things Better got me thinking as well.

What struck me about Moisy’s journal entry was her friend asking if she was sure her husband was right for her, if maybe she could be happy with someone else.  As Moisy stated, how do I keep staying if it is forever going to be tarnished…”  

This struck a chord with me as I have asked myself the same question. We have created a ‘new’ marriage. Communication is better, and frankly everything is better.   But. He. Cheated.

This fact will always be the black spot of our marriage…

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