Trickle Truth: A background story

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So we all know about ‘trickle truth’ right?

I have to say that I hate that term purely because it gives credence to something that seems so important at the time – a label that people can file something under and revisit it time and time again. I am not sure that is a good thing.

I know eventually that you have to decide what you’re going to believe and what your not; only then will you be able to become really strong and move forward because, let’s be honest, the ‘truth’ about the past is never going to be something you will know for sure.

But I will use this term because it is one of the biggest things that people search for answers to – How will I know they are telling the truth? When will they tell me the whole truth? Why do they keep lying? When will it stop? ……..

Here is where our ‘Trickle Truth started’ ..

I am sharing a background story with you because my journal entries are going to start to show how I questioned Rich again and again, picked him up on the smallest of nuances; because I do have the memory of an elephant! Over time you will see what I really came to believe about the truth.

When Rich and I met in the car park whilst he was still with her (see The Surrender Part 2 Rich sat in my a car and told me the background story (we all know here that this was never going to include the whole story!) He told me that the text messages between them had only started in the July because he had sent her a text to say that the kiss that had taken place at her party should never have happened. (To do this Rich would have to have taken ‘her’ number from my phone book in my phone!) Of course as soon as Rich text ‘her’ she had his number and then continously text him. (Or so Rich said!) Rich said that he never answered her until the September, and that they had not communicated between the July and September.

After they met in the October, when they had tried to have sex at ‘her’ brother’s house (and this is significant to our story) Rich said that he had cut off all contact and did not start up contact again until the following March, when the affair began again.

This was the start of the ‘Trickle Truth’ and as you will see as the story unfolds it went on for quite a time (in fact I found something out whilst writing this book!)

So that is the background story to the start of truth’s and lies, and we all know how important they are, don’t we?



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