You will turn up won’t you?

We’ve only just begun to live
White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way
We’ve only begun

Written by Roger S Nicholls and Paul H Williams. Performed by The Carpenters

August 1999

I remember now that on the night before the wedding as Danny was leaving he turned to me and said “You will turn up won’t you?” I laughed at him then; I loved him so much why would I not turn up?

When I walked towards him at the registry office he would not look at me, he was so nervous. “Do you want to marry Rosie ?” said the registrar. He laughed and said “Yes”. “Then hold her hand” said the registrar and everyone laughed. But now I remember now how nervous Danny was, and I did not realise how much he thought that he was lucky to have me.

I was so happy, here was a kind wonderful man who worshipped me and Ethan; who loved the family life he had found, after years of being single and going out with his friends searching for something, because he knew that he wanted something more meaningful.  I treasured a picture of us both that someone had taken at our wedding without us knowing, it was so natural with Danny with his arm around my shoulders as he chatted to someone; both of us  looking so happy.

Little did I know that the picture would be one of the many casualties of The War.

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  1. […] In his post ‘An Explorer’ says ‘Perhaps the affair was the path out of the relationship we want out of or an attempt to recover our identity, power, or sense of sovereignty over our lives.‘ When I read that I immediately knew that is what Danny was doing when he left: He was trying to get back a life where he didn’t worry about losing me every day (let us not forget, he even thought I wouldn’t turn up to Our wedding!) […]


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