Making This Better the book

When I started this journey of sharing our story, this day seemed a long way off.

I want to say a huge thank you to all those who have supported me, encouraged me, and contacted me for help. At times it has brought me to tears, because I know your pain, and because your words have told me that sharing our story was the right thing to do.

The book will be available internationally from the end of September, a little later on Amazon.

The book contains my journal entries right up until 2012, with all that I have learned from the lesson of Infidelity.

I no longer have pain, but I will always understand it, and I hope I can give you hope that you can get through it. Never give up hope.

If you don’t have yourself you have nothing.




  1. Love the cover! This is a wonderful thing you have done. A painful journey for you both, but bringing clarity (and sometimes, much deserved hope) to thousands of people.

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