Journal Entry : It’s gone.


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Tuesday 7th June 2007

I Felt very positive today, after feeling very sad yesterday.

Rich and I had a big chat yesterday and I decided that Rich was as sad as I was for what we have lost. That he wants back what we have lost. That made me feel better, because I realised that Rich still treasures what we had.

He doesn’t’ believe that I will be able to do this (have him back). But I will try because I do believe that we have too much to throw away.

I told Rich that he had to have the courage of his convictions and fight for me if that is what he really wants. I have to say that saying all of it has helped, and Rich has made every effort.

When you know that someone loves you that much, is that sad for what they have done, what do you do? Throw it away? Look back in a years’ time and regret it?

But every now and again Rich having sex with ‘her’ creeps into my head, and it is like a wave coming over me. 

Things are better, but I wonder if that will ever stop; and will I ever be able to say I am one hundred per cent happy, which I was before?

I am sure that is a question that has been asked over and over again “Why”



Reflections 2018

This is an important entry for me, because I had started to realise that what we had before has gone, it was ‘lost’ and we were never going to get that back.

The fact that I was able to have this conversation with Rich (who would continue to struggle to accept this fact for months, maybe even years to come, and would still desparately try to get ‘it back’) was important because I realised that Rich still loved me and treasured what we had, the enormity of what he could lose was starting to hit home.

I have been asked by many people ‘When will we get back what we had before?’ I truly believe that you won’t! What you had has died, and that is why you are grieving. But if you can stop and listen amongst the madness there may be some small things left from the fire that burned through your relationship on which to build something new, but believe me it will be new.

The other important part of this entry is that I told Rich (again) that he had to have the  ‘courage of his convictions.’ He had bought us to where we were now and he was the one who had to do the work to make it right again, and make me want to stay. To do that he had to face all of his fears and show me how sorry he was every day; and only then would we have any chance of survival.

The night before I wrote this entry Rich and I had been in the garden, I was watering the few flower pots that I had bothered  to pot up in ‘The War’  and Rich was watching me with tears in his eyes. I remember wondering why? He was the person who had brought us to where we were, he had made all of the mistakes!  I asked him what he was thinking and  he just looked at me and said he was upset because he was so sorry; and that he could not understand why he had done this to me.

This was the start of me realising that Rich did not know his arse from his head any more than I did! I also started to understand and accept that we were both heart broken, albeit coming from different angles.

Rich had said that he doubted that I could ever be really happy with him again and I remember lying to him and saying that at that moment I only felt eighty per cent happy, in comparison to how I had felt before “The War”.  In truth I was only at fifteen per cent happy (mainly because Rich had come home and I had time to get over the shock of the last few months and time to make my decision of whether to stay or leave); but as I stood  looking at this man, who was just lost, I could not hurt him, and tell him that,  despite how much he had hurt me.

Over the weeks since Rich had come back he had become clear that he did still  love me, that all of his actions on his initial return had been nothing but bravado. But as I had grown stronger and stronger Rich, in some ways, had become weaker and weaker, his bravado lost when he realised exactly what was at risk – and at risk it still was, very much so. So he became a person who fluctuated from being so sorry all the time, a man who tried  to show me how much he loved in whatever way he could; to a man who became agitated and defensive as I asked him the same questions over and over again. Only now, eleven years later, can I see that this was because he was afraid.

Sadly at that time no matter what Rich did it was never going to be enough; and I can say now that the fact that he never gave up, just taking every blow, is the main reasons that I am able to tell you our story today, sitting here in France, with him.

I knew that the love  we still had was something that I had to believe in,  as that was the one and only foundation brick on which to try and build a NEW relationship. As I said all those years ago:

‘When you know that someone loves you that much, is that sad for what they have done, what do you do? Throw it away?

Look back in a years’ time and regret it?’

Someone asked recently when will they ever be one hundred per cent happy again and I responded that it is impossible to answer that question other than to say, when you finish grieving for what you have lost and start to build something new, whether it is with that person or without them.

But I would urge everyone who is struggling to allow that time for grief, you cannot build on something new until you come to terms with the fact that what you had before has gone.

Just a tip:  remember you have the here and now and try and see the small things that happen in your relationship, you will see as our story progresses I did.

I welcome comments, please let me know if you have found this entry helpful or not. All of our stories are different, our path through the grief is pretty much the same.



  1. I’ve said a million times that in our case, we weren’t happy, we had both checked out of the marriage. In all honesty, I wouldn’t want back what we had. Our relationship now is even almost better than the ‘honeymoon’ stage in the early stages of our relationship. Our communication has really evolved, my untreated anxiety has now been addressed and we are working more like a team now than ever before. HOWEVER, trust is still an issue. I still get suspicious. I do still check the cell phone bill. The ‘spin doctor’ in my head sometimes gets on a roll…. xo Dolly

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    • I totally agree, if someone asked me if I would change it the answer would be no. I wouldn’t be where I am if it hadn’t happened. I am so pleased it’s working out for you Dolly, eventually trust will come; I found that ai just got to a point where I couldn’t be bothered any more.
      Moisy xx

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  2. Very helpful. Full of a lot of good thinking points. I’m only 6 months into “our war” (great term) and there’s so many ups and downs. I know what we had was gone, but when I think about rebuilding – I can’t even wrap my head around it. For real. I just want to rebuild what we had because I LOVED THAT LIFE so much. Now, I look around the house and see things “she” saw – I don’t want any of it here anymore. I used to believe his thoughts and feelings were all with me when we were having sex, now I’m scared they aren’t.
    This is so slippery. All I know for sure is I love this man with my entire soul. And he is SO sorry and doing all he can to show me. He is. Somehow getting my heart to accept what my logical brain is seeing is the hard part. Finding the steps or coping mechanisms is escaping me.
    But you give me hope. thank you


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